Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Rice or Roses?

Single Mother on the Verge
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When the weather is hot conversations turn to love.

In Manchester groups gather to eat their lunches by the Bridgewater Hall or on St Peter's Square.

The sunglasses people wear seem to act as masques at a ball, and furtive glances pass across the pavements in the hope that no one catches on – or if they do then he or she might stretch their legs out a little further, lean back and pretend to soak up more sun.

'We have a proverb in China,' said my friend as we sweltered in the heat. 'Do you want rice or roses every day?'

I thought for a moment. I eat rice at least three times a week, I definitely wouldn't want it every day. 

'Maria –'

She tends to talk to me as though she is shouting.

'I want roses.'

'This is where you are going wrong,' she sighed. 'You cannot have roses every day. You need rice to live. You see now how this makes sense?'

'I'd prefer to have roses some days, than rice every day.'

'We all want roses,' she said, 'but we can't have roses. We need rice to live. This is what it is like with a man, roses don't last, you need rice.'

'Even so, I'm a roses girl.'

She tutted and turned back to her work.

'You are not looking for a man,' she said. 'You are looking for a hero.'

The office was quiet. I smiled at her words because she'd made me think of the Bonnie Tyler song and then all I could see was the image of a woman striding the floor to an 80s beat.

'I'm not looking for a hero,' I said. 'Just someone to put the bins out.'
Then it reminded me of what my French friend had said when she spoke about her husband:
'I'd rather be treated like a queen than kiss a King's ass.'


milkymoles said...

Love it x one of my fave songs too from the original footloose!

Ragged Thread Cartographer said...

We should be able to have rice AND roses. Then it's up to us to use them as we see fit, depending on the day. And a good man will give you both. Hold out for the hero in man-puts-bin-out disguise! x

Steve Grady said...

Your friend speaks sense if you can see through the metaphors used.

Vicky said...

We all want someone to put the bins out; but usually we meet someone, and still end up putting them out ourselves!

Anonymous said...

I took the survey. Though not a single Mom myself, I know several, so still of interest to me. Love the song, too. Great post.

Sue P.

Anonymous said...

Where are you? I've just finished reading your book and absolutely loved it. Are still writing this blog or can I find your work somewhere else?

Thanks :)